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12 November 2020

THE PARISH COUNCIL is following the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidance for managing asbestos-containing material (ACM) at the allotments, which explains the process of identifying, assessing the risk of exposure, and then managing the materials, in an effort to clear all the ACM through the whole site as soon as reasonably practicable, in consultation with the occupier of the land at the allotment site, i.e. FISHBURN ALLOTMENT ASSOCIATION, having been appointed as site managers by the Parish Council.

The Parish Council has given instructions that any ACM must be left in place until it can be removed by a suitably trained person and under no circumstances should it be dismantled or be moved from the plots. A specialised contractor, which the Parish Council has previously used for the removal of asbestos at the allotments, has been asked to remove asbestos debris, cement panels, galbestos sheets, with safe documented disposal of all arising waste, on Monday 10th May 2021.

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