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Fishburn Parish Council has decided to commemorate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on Thursday 2nd June 2022 with Union Jack flags and bunting from St. Catherine's church to the crossroads and same length along the other three sections of road leading to crossroads. A bagpiper has been booked to play the specially composed tune Diu Regnare on the village green. The unique tune  Majesty will be played officially announcing the lighting of the new ceremonial beacon on the village green at 9:45 p.m. Fishburn Primary School has been involved in this special tribute to Her Majesty The Queen by planting two oak trees before the event to mark The Queen’s seventy-year reign.


PLANT A TREE FOR THE JUBILEE - Children from Fishburn Primary School, accompanied by Emily Jones (Year 2/3 Teacher), will plant two oak trees, one large and one small, at each end of the village green; the large one going in near the new ceremonial beacon, to mark The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Parish councillors will attend the special tree planting ceremony on Tuesday 5th April 2022 at 10:00 a.m. The trees have been provided by the Parish Council from a Durham County Council grant of £250.00. 

The Queen has issued a special message of thanks to people across the country who have come together to plant more than a million Jubilee trees in her name. The monarch said she was "deeply touched" and hoped the saplings will "flourish and grow for many years to come" for future generations to enjoy. Her words marked the halfway point of the Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) initiative, which spans two official tree-planting seasons, and celebrates the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee milestone. Tree planting will commence again in October 2022 until the end of the Jubilee year. The Queen said in her written message: "As the planting season draws to a close, I send my sincere thanks to everyone across the country who has planted a tree to celebrate my Platinum Jubilee. I am deeply touched that so many community groups, schools, families and individuals have made their own unique contributions to the Green Canopy initiative. I hope your Jubilee trees flourish and grow for many years to come, for future generations to enjoy."


Following a gruesome report that teens have been using dogs to kill rabbits at the football fields, the gate to the football fields has been locked until further notice but the main outer gate will remain open for the time being to enable access to the recreation ground and Multi Use Games Area for law-abiding members of the public, but the main gate may also be locked if necessary, e.g. any further incidents of cruelty to animals or anti-social behaviour. Youths are reportedly taking rabbits to the field and getting their dogs to kill them, something which has been witnessed by children.


A DEVELOPER'S bid to build up to 30 houses has been refused planning permission. Gordon Hirst's planning application was turned down after planners deemed it to be in "open countryside". He sought outline planning permission for up to 30 homes, with 22 houses indicated on the plans. The plans for arable land to the west of Stobart Terrace, Fishburn attracted objections. The Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE Durham) objected over encroachment into countryside, lack of housing need and impact on public footpaths. Northumbrian Water said there was not enough detail in the plan. Two residents objected, raising concerns about traffic, road safety, the need for more housing in the village and lack of community facilities. Council officers felt the scheme could lead to ecological harm and "significant incursion into an attractive and prominent landscape", and that it conflicted with policies. Landscape officers objected to the development in open countryside which would have a "transformative and negative impact". "Possible archaeological remains" close to the site were also raised as an issue which needs a survey report.

Senior planning officer Mark O'Sullivan told Durham County Council's planning committee meeting: "It's in open countryside. There are no material considerations that would outweigh the conflict with the development plan. The application is recommended for refusal."

The same developer was given outline permission to build up to 70 homes on nearby land in August 2018. Although this was considered acceptable at the time, that permission lapsed. "That no longer exists," said Mr O'Sullivan. "A lot has changed since that time. A lot has changed policy-wise. If the applicant wants to develop that site, they'd have to reapply."

Dr Anton Lang, agent for the developer, said: "The creation of these 22 to 30 units will obviously bring people to Fishburn. That will support the shops, the services and facilities of Fishburn and other local villages." He said it would enable an access road to the site where the 70 homes were to be built, and the layout of the 22 homes would create "a more attractive buffer towards the western side". He said issues raised could be dealt with later in the planning process.

Councillor David Boyes referred to water issues, saying: "To me this is an insufficiently developed application. They need to put a more robust plan together. There's four or five issues there that I'm not happy as a planning committee member that I could approve this." Cllr Liz Brown said: "There's a paucity of detail in this application. As it stands it's not a viable planning application."

The committee voted unanimously to refuse the plan. Source: Northern Echo.

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